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Re: Question about 4 yo regressing after new baby

My son turned four a few months after I had DD. He was all but night trained before she was born. After she was born it was so bad we had to put him back in diapers (thank goodness for BGOS, LOL). We just made a point of saying stuff like "baby needs her baby diaper changed", "time to change sissy into her baby diaper", "to bad sissy isn't big like brother and can use the potty", "oh my, Gman, you are such a big boy these diapers are to small for you",etc. We just made a point of stressing that diapers are for babies and not big kids, w/o calling him a baby for using diapers. We also made him clean up himself (what he was capable of for his age) whenever we had to change his diaper. Eventually he went back to using the potty. It took longer than we would have liked, 2.5m, but it was his way of getting attention away from the baby. We always tried to give him one on one attention, but sibling rivalry is what it is.
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