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Re: Which car would you choose?

3 across isn't working for our family at all. My 3 year old hurts whoever is sitting next to him. He can't keep his hands to himself. We stopped ever taking DH's car anywhere because it is one big screaming match the entire time. We had to FF him before I was ready because he was kicking DD1 in the face while they were 3 wide. His feet could reach her face when she was in the middle and he was outboard, and he knew at 65 mph that there was nothing I could do about it. The danger of him hurting her eyes and face was more than the risk of an accident. your shoes, knowing there might be 3 kids, I'd stay with an Odyssey. Some day, 2 kids plus 2 friends==doesn't fit in a sedan. 3 kids plus one friend don't fit in a sedan.

That being dad drives a Civic and DH has an Accord. No way I'd get a Civic. As a family car, they are small.

In DH's Accord, we have DD2 in a RFing XTSL on the passenger side and the passenger has to eat the dash. When we had 2 RFing kids in there, DH could barely drive and he is 5' 6". Also, the side bolsters are really angled, so it is hard to get the 3 across installed. It makes the outboard seats angled toward the middle and difficult to get tight with seatbelt installs. We ended up using 3 Radians when we had 2 RFing seats, and now have RF Radian, FF Radian, Maestro in there.
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