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Re: what do you allow your 8 year old to do??

My son turned 8 last week. He got a kindle fire for Christmas and I know half his class did too. Honestly, I think as long as the parents supervise and set and enforce rules then it is an incredible educational tool. We got a lifeproof case for it and paid an extra $50 for a 2 year warranty and we let him take it outside with him. He has a survival app (totally his thing!) that has animal print identification, animal sounds, plant identification, how to build different shelters,...anything related to outdoors pretty much. He loves it. He loves his legos and reading (ebooks as well as paper) and is an incredibly smart (straight A) student. I have no issues with him having a Kindle. Other than that, yes, he has a camera but the rule with that is that he may not take pictures of ANYONE without their permission. Kids are kind of growing up faster today but not allowing your kids to have the 'in' things doesn't slow down their childhood (IMO). That said, my kids will not have TVs or Internet in their rooms EVER. As far as clothes, they can wear anything once but when it comes to my laundry room it is my decision what happens to it. I really think each of us does what we think is best for our kids, each kid, family, and budget is unique, there is no easy age for things like this.
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