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Re: How to try to avoid ppd?

Well, I didn't avoid it. But, I do think that one thing that helped me get out of it was that my husband started asking me "Were you nice to yourself today?" That was huge, because it got me asking myself that same question several times a day when I would start in on the panic, desperate dark feelings, and disconnect. It also made me feel like if he was asking me that question, with genuine and earnest undertones, maybe I wasn't treating myself fairly. After all, if I really was as terrible of a mother as I thought, wouldn't he be in the perfect position to see it? But he didn't think that, he thought I was doing a great job. It set me on the path to feeling better.

Try asking yourself or having your DH/SO ask you if you were nice to yourself today. Think about how you treated yourself that day. It helps.
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