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Re: 3 year old party activities?

Just found these ideas online:

Follow the Locomotive
Played just like follow the leader. Line up the children and have the birthday child start as locomotive (line leader). Everyone must follow behind the locomotive and do as he/she does, such as skip, bunny hop, crawl, spin, walk backward, etc… After a minute or two blow the whistle (if you don’t have one you can just yell switch) and the caboose (last person in line) gets to come up to the front and be the locomotive. Everyone else stays the same. Play until everyone has had a chance to be the locomotive.

The Conductor Says
This game is played just like the traditional “Simon Says” but instead of Simon you say “the conductor says”. This would be really cute if you had a conductor hat, but you don’t have to. Line the children up facing the conductor. The conductor gives instructions such as “touch your nose”, “spin around in a circle”, and “reach for the sky”. If the conductor starts these statements with “the conductor says” the players have to do it, but if he doesn’t begin with the conductor says then they don’t do the action.
In a typical game if a child messes up they are out for that round, but you don’t have to play elimination. Just pay attention and after a few minutes pick the child who you think has been the best listener in the game to be the next conductor.

Get More Ideas At: http://www.queen-of-theme-party-game...#ixzz2ITyMPTP2
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