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Originally Posted by vansen19

i know some mama's have posted BG's with PUL issues FFS, these could work as a nighttime diaper with a wool or fleece soaker i guess? in terms of liquids intake, i really encourage my 21 mo ds to have 20 oz whole milk and 10-12 oz water/juice a day, we have a full sippee milk when he wakes up in the morning and after afternoon nap (it's like clockwork now), water or vit c crystal w/oj with meals. we limit liquids after 6:30 and he is down 8pm until 7 am. so far nighttime dipes manageable and daytime dipes are well soaked. what do ya'll think? i'm not going to hijack this post but i'll start a new one on the subject.
We often have used flats folded as shown in my sig, in a BG pocket for night. But as another mama said, putting Pul under another cover gets really warm. The extra heat and less oxygen for a full night accelerates urea breaking down into ammonia, so I think it's a higher risk for stink and rash. For night I think it's a good idea not to have a layer of anything unnecessary.
No 2x4 Butt! A non-pad "Pad" fold to put flats in covers and pockets:
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