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WYD- In Laws and House Down Payment

My in-laws offered to pay a down payment on a house for us- they told my DH up to $50000.

Great, right! but here is the back story- we were going to buy their house. 4 years ago they put a huge in-law apartment addition on and we moved intot he main house. We took over paying the mortgage which included the amount for the in-law apartment. We were going to eventually outright buy the house. During the time we lived there we updated parts of the house and took care of all landscaping. My FIL went all mental and we finally had the last straw with his behavior and we moved out. We have been living in a rented townhouse for six months and would love to buy a house to move into when our lease is up in August. I do not talk to my in-laws due to how they treated me and have not talked to them since before we moved in July.

Today my DH was dropping the kids off at their house for a visit and my MIL said that they would give us up to $50000 for a down payment on a house

I am morally opposed to taking money from people who love to hold things over people's heads and brag about how their kids could never survive without their help as is my DH. I want to buy a house on our own without one cent from anyone and then rub my FIL's face int he fact that we did not need his help (spiteful, yes but he is not a nice man).

My question is, what would you do in this situation if $50000 was dangled in front of your face? Would you swallow your pride so that your kids would live in a nice home or would you stick to your guns?
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