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Re: Favorite one size AIO??

I think freetimes would be a little toasty in Florida. The two flap layers are rather thick.

I just started trying out best bottoms ai2 (snap in soakers. It is super easy and they sell waist extenders if it ever came to that) but my "little guy" 4 month 16lb and almost 2.5 yo (29lbs) both fit it, same size insert. SUPER TRIM! I use the hemp inserts, but the only issue is sometimes because it's so thin it kind of bends to fit the space between their legs. Absolutely no leaks, and still does its job, but poop does end up on the cover, but it's a breeze to rinse out. Only thing I can think of is the inner material in florida might be "sticky" when your babe sweats.
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