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Originally Posted by debcita429 View Post
I washed a couple of pads by hand once to prep them, but despite wringing them as hard as I could and putting them through the dryer three times they still were not dry. I think some pads are just made for machine washing (and the spin cycle), fwiw. I also can't begin to imagine how much water I would waste and how ucky I would personally feel if I were handwashing them to my level of cleanliness satisfaction. That's all to say, I would not count on the handwashing method.

Regarding number, it's going to depend a lot on how heavy and long her periods are. Noonee also points out the matter of whether she will like to be using different pads on her heavy days versus her light days (I do). She may end up wanting a stash that can be used for the whole period before washing. But there is no need to start there. It can take a while to find the right fit of pad anyhow--for instance, what crotch width is comfortable and what thinness she is comfortable with through her clothing. So getting what you think will be enough for two days to start and just planning to do a lot of washes those first two periods while she is figuring out her likes and needs might be a smart way to do things.
Luckily she has baby brothers in diapers so I'm washing anyway..

Is there a routine to MC? I mean we dry pail, and do a standard prewash hot wash second rinse and tumble dry. Do we need a pot to soak in or can we dry pail the MC? I also use a little bleach every wash because 4 bums share diapers in my house and my big boys are stinky pee-ers... Anyway, I'm asuming I can wash as I do my dipes.

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