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Re: Let's talk childhood obesity....

Originally Posted by elizabeth.scalf View Post
Thank you! Totally agree. People here keep saying ' 100 calories of apple is the same as 100 of Cheetos.' Its not. Apples have nutrients and enzymes that help you digest and absorb those nutrients, they give you energy, and you process those 100 calories differently than Cheetos. Cheetos just go to your thighs.
Since I was the one who mentioned 100 calories of apple versus whatever, I did not mean that it is the same as 100 calories of junk. Just that either option, if you've already eaten what you need for the day, is 100 calories too much.

Go backward 50 years. No obesity epidemic yet. The average American ate plenty of fatty meats, canned veggies & fruit, and white bread. Look at a cookbook from 1950 or so - the food people were eating did not resemble what modern nutritionists would call a healthy diet. Not as bad as some people today, but far from ideal. But they ate smaller portions than we do now, and moved around a lot more.
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