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Originally Posted by 77Lipen
I'm interested in one or two of your fitteds that would work on my girl for night. She's 16lbs, 5 mos.
I'm not picky about staining or fading cause I'm kinda broke and
I don't really know much about fitted and what is need for a night diaper ect. (But I do have 2 fleece covers).

I'm in Canada, I hope you will still let me buy
Hi. Canada is no problem. I'd do the sbish OS for nights, but the lot is pending. I'll let you know right away if they aren't interested. The mutts are awesome day diapers, and the ML fit from 8lbs-20lbs. I'm working on getting the pics up for those. Oh, the White 3SR shoukd work for nights if she isnt a very very heavy wetter. It would be good for naps and the OS Mutt "scribbles" should work for night. It seems heavy duty to me. Just FYI, as I don't have any I'm selling, but the Itti bitty boo diaper is amazing for nights. I'd buy large for 16lbs. Good luck!
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