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Re: Green Sprout Diaper/Sproutling Love fitted

I used them, though that was almost 4yrs ago. They feel very nice and ok for daytime use. They are very trim, though to go any length of time (naps/overnight) they need a doubler and get bulky-even w/ the very trim hempbabies doubler which I love. The fit was good, we got the M/L, though the sizing is different now. I didn't buy any with baby #2. I would only reccommend them if you have a light wetter and def. not for a newborn, runny BF poohs don't do well in them. Kinda disappointed, I really love the prints and how soft they where. However, since they have changed since I used them, I'm not sure how much of this review you can really rely on. I still check on the site, just to see the cute prints and it looks like she's made a few changes to the dipes since then.
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