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Re: Teen cloth pad set...

p.s.--Offhand I can say that New Moon Pads is one seller whose pads do not "mind" hot water. She says you can even boil them. And you could get patterns where the set stains would be less obvious. If you get red/brown based patterns, you could soak them in vinegar water before the first wash to try to keep the colors from bleeding and fading too terribly. But New Moon pads are pricey, tend toward being wide (which could be a problem depending on your daughter's frame... I'm trying to FSOT one of mine that I simply bought too big), and will not be terribly low profile (unlike a lot of thick pads they are very, very comfortable, but they are sort of thick).

Also, I think 6 pads per day is overshooting it unless the flow is torrential. Once she gets comfortable with her period and comfortable that her pads are trustworthy, I'd be surprised if she wanted to change quite that often. And a real quality nighttime pad should take care of the full night. But I have had a truly torrential flow at one point in the past, and that, well, was a whole different ballgame of doubling up on tampons and pads and so forth.
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