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Re: Mommy to be... I am very interested in cloth diapers.

I have been diapering for 20 yrs both as a stay at home mother and other times full-time working mom. We have six children from 20 to 5 months - yes we are crazy. Good "better fit" prefolds with covers & doublers are still my favorite for easy and quick wash dry, multiple fits & long term durability. Currently I have a ton of covers, "stuff them" and have them stacked as though they are AIO or pockets. However, I love a good AIO, AI2 or pocket for on the go, Dad, sibblings, sitters and daycare. You mentioned working mother - many daycares do take cloth diapers, however, they want AIO, pockets etc not the prefolds. I would check with the daycare provider for requirements before purchasing. You will also need to send enough for most good daycares change the nappies every hour or so. I use to send 10-12 diapers a day to be safe. There are many AIO and pockets on the market that are not too spendy new (Kawaii - China, Babyland - China Smartipants- USA) let alone used. Like clothing, we often try a brand others loved that just did not work out for our child. (My old favorite AIO nappies are not working on my #6) We then get rid of these great nappies at a huge savings to the buyer. I agree with the other post - purchase a few different styles to see what works for you. I would do some snaps & velcro. My husband and children likes vecro for ease. I am just learning to like the snaps for the moble child. Cloth diapers is duable even for working parents, but like our cholths, just get enough for those crazy weeks we do not keep up with the laundry.....that even happens when I am not working!
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