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Please be reasonable when giving me offers. If you offer me $10 for a $27 diaper that's never been worn. Then after PayPal fees and shipping, I make less than $7.
I'm using the money from these to buy diaper for my lo. She is sensitive to the natural fibers, so we are trying to make money to order her a new stash.

Attachment 131093

All are in euc and come with inserts.

No yeast issues, no stink issues, and no stains.

1. Nb GroVia AIO. Used less than 5 times. No stains. $8SOLD

Attachment 131094

Attachment 131095

Attachment 131096

4. Bottombumpers size small. Embroidered reindeer on the bum. In rotation for a month. $13SOLD

Attachment 131101

Attachment 131102

Attachment 131103

5. Bottombumpers size small. Embroidered penguin on the bum. A very small bit of fuzziness near the penguin. In rotation for a month. $11SOLD

Attachment 131097

Attachment 131098

Attachment 131099

Attachment 131100

6. Peachy Green. Hearts. Never worn. $15

Attachment 131104

Attachment 131105

Attachment 131106

7. Kiss My Fluff custom. Trees. Worn less than 5 times. $15
I'll throw in two Alva bamboo inserts with this. It didn't come with an insert, so that's what used with it.

Attachment 131107

Attachment 131108

10. Itti Bitti Tutto. Navy. Comes with all extra inserts. Never worn. $15SOLD

Attachment 131118

Attachment 131119

Attachment 131120

11. Itti Bitti Tutto. Rockmelon. Comes with all extra inserts. Worn less than 5 times. $15

Attachment 131111

Attachment 131112

Attachment 131113

12. Alva Baby. Pink and purple. In rotation for two months. $7ppd

Attachment 131114

Attachment 131115

13.Sunbaby. pink elephant. In rotation for two months. $7ppd

If you purchase both the Alva and sunbaby, they are $12ppd

Attachment 131109

Attachment 131110

14. Bottombumpers size small. Iceland. In rotation for a month. $13SOLD

Attachment 131116

Attachment 131117

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