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Re: Oh god....what am I getting myself into?

I just started school, and have my 2 under 2 all by myself. Routine! That's all I can say really. Find your groove and stick with it. It really makes things SO much easier. When you have a pull your hair out kind of day, and you know that you only have to make it through another hour until nap time, it can save your sanity LOL. It also makes transitions of any type easier, for us anyway, because the kids always know what is coming when, and aren't upset by things. It's okay that story time is delayed a little bit while baby brother has a melt down from pooping everywhere, because the stories WILL be read after, like they always are.

Finding a groove for school helps, too. I had to readjust all of my household duties to make time. I do everything that I would normally do after the boys are in bed, either before class, or directly after for little things like tidying, so I have a few hours to myself to study and such before I go to sleep.

Also look for resources at school. My university has an adult learners area, seminars, study tips for parents and adults, ways to ease into school, a place specifically for adults to study with FREE COFFEE *dies* and such, so it makes the transition easier with more peers.

GL! There are oodles of us here if you need anyone to talk to
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