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Re: Negative blood types

I would be cautious of any trauma, if you plan on a homebirth and out of office care. For example, I have recurring cysts that bleed when I'm pregnant. I'm not sure why, but they get huge and bleed. With my oldest, his father and I were both negative, so it wasn't an issue. With my youngest, we weren't sure if he was positive or negative, and early on in the pregnancy I had a bleed, and got very ill. Our blood had mixed (to the confusion of the doctors, we couldn't figure it out based on where the blood was pooling, but the antibodies came back that it had), and I got the shot. Had I not known what the cyst pain felt like, I would've just thought I had some awful cramping/abdomen pain, and not even thought to check for a bleed. I got the shot afterward as well, but not at 28w. I hadn't intended in getting it at all for various reasons, but you didn't ask that bit, so I'll spare you that lol. So I would be on point with anything out of the ordinary, just in case. Hyper-aware, as it were.
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