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Re: Autism and medication

DS1 currently takes Limictal (mood stabilizer) and Zoloft (SSRI antidepressant). He's slowly coming down off the zoloft since his doctor said the SSRIs can increase mood swings in certain kids. He was taking Concerta for ADHD but it can increase aggression which he struggles with so we are looking at adding Strattera, a non-stimulant ADHD med. His dx is Aspergers, Mood Disorder NOS, ADHD and Anxiety. Previously he had taken Risperdal but it made him gain a ton of weight that he had never been able to lose. He has also been on other SSRIs and was on Abilify for a year. Seemed to help for a while and then lost effectiveness. When they increased it, he had a seizure.

DS2 no meds. He is super obnoxious to live with, he talks constantly and bumps into you all day, but is thankfully free of the many issues ASD kiddos have. He's not anxious and doesn't throw tantrums or anything like that. His diagnosis is PDD-NOS. He is also gifted and just overall quirky.

DS3 no meds. He's been on them previously but they either didn't work or the side effects were intolerable.

Autism itself cannot be medicated, but certain symptoms can be treated with meds, such as anxiety, depression, attention issues, etc. Just keep in mind that ASD kids have a weak blood brain barrier and are very susceptible to side effects. Start low and slow when it comes to meds.
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