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Re: Let's talk childhood obesity....

Originally Posted by soonerfan View Post
Lack of education is a poor excuse, and if someone is so ignorant as to legitimately believe that potato chips or fruit snacks are healthy, then I honestly believe they never should have reproduced and passed on those genes to begin with.
I used to think like this for many years but it's so hard in this country for people to really learn nutrition when majority of the people just follow what the government tells them through basic information and nutrition. And it's not so much that people don't know, they just don't know how to or changing that habit is so difficult.

FDA/USDA's guideline including how nutrition is taught in the country is beyond a fail system. But I won't even get into that.

Comparing country like France maybe extreme but they love to eat but also cook over there. They appreciate fine ingredients and could be very snobby about it but we don't have that kind of mentality here other than cook things that are simple. Cooking everyday at home isn't a cultural thing here either and that picture is drastically changing today.

And we're overworked to begin with if not simple/fast food is a getaway to most peoples' emotional needs.

I don't think people are dumb in that sense, they KNOW healthy foods exist and need to eat healthy but lack of such habit and information growing up only goes back to comfort. I think that's why all these extreme diets start to become popular for people in their late 20's and above because suddenly they are gaining weight really fast as their metabolism slow down.
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