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Originally Posted by mizzStephylynn
Gestational diabetes has NOTHING to do with diet, it is completely hormone related. FYI, you can have a perfect diet and still have issues with it regardless, that is why they do the glucose tolerance test, it's not about what you eat it's about how your hormones get in the way of your insulin

ETA: I know this because I have it, I was diagnosed at 12 weeks based on my blood draws and have researched the hell out of it, it can be diet controlled but it is something that I would say is a bad idea to completely skip the testing on.
I agree. One if my healthiest friends had issues with it while pg. She was 30, very thin and fit (she still ran several miles a week through most of her pregnancy) and her diet is the best if anyone I know. She eats lots of vegetarian meals, rarely goes out to eat and doesn't eat junky, high-carb foods. If she can have issues, anyone can. Also, no one in her family had diabetes either. It is certainly not worth to risk to skip the testing IMO.

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