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I also just wanted to say something re: the feeling if detachment from your baby. I felt a bit that way at first. DH seemed so enamored by him and I was just so exhausted and drained from my long labor. I loved my baby but I remember feeling incredibly guilty because I didn't feel like I loved him any diffetentlu than I love my close friends' kids or any other children I am close to (that changed, of course). Anyway, I also felt like a terrible mother because, deep down, I was longing for some sense of normalcy. I just wanted a good night's sleep, a decent meal that I could keep down (I was terribly nauseous and vomiting due to exhaustion) and a little normal time with DH. And he just wanted to gush over the baby. Anyway, I broke down on a friend right after we came home about all of this and she sort of laughed at me (in a good way) and reassured me that all of this was normal. And that soon, everything would be normal again and that hormones were messing with me. I felt much, much better to hear this reassurance from someone I trusted. I had been feeling like an awful mother for this and a selfish human being. Somehow, , just knowing that it was okay to be me too, made me feel more attached to my baby. That may be really weird but it is how I felt.

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