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Re: Update! What comprises "unnecessary" prenatal care?

Originally Posted by lynn97 View Post
I agree. One if my healthiest friends had issues with it while pg. She was 30, very thin and fit (she still ran several miles a week through most of her pregnancy) and her diet is the best if anyone I know. She eats lots of vegetarian meals, rarely goes out to eat and doesn't eat junky, high-carb foods. If she can have issues, anyone can. Also, no one in her family had diabetes either. It is certainly not worth to risk to skip the testing IMO.

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Originally Posted by abunchoflemons View Post
I would look at your state, as each is different. I didn't do the anio and anything related to baby like down syndrome testing. There are some life factors that help contribute to those disabilities if you will.

I still check thyroid as I was hyper with first and after the initial with the second nothing and now apparently hypo in the last with third (girl , girl , and boy if that makes a difference). I did glucose for all. I did the HIV with I think all 3 just like the testing of breast milk some are just preventative/proactive to keep baby safe (back story of breast milk the gal donated then came down with cancer in a few months after so totally on board with every I think about 3 months retesting).

I was on title 19 for first and not for the rest.I don't feel as I was pushed into anything either way. I just know with my first we did stuff a bit more cautiously as I didn't find out til 20 weeks that I was pregnant. I ended up with more ultrasounds and prescription for prenatals.
Thyroid is like Gestational diabetes.... just happens sometimes and not other times. So agreed I would do that test.
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