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Biting, pulling, help!

For the last few months, DD2 has pulled on my nipple. As in she'll either arch her back when she latches on so she is as far from my boob as possible but still latched on. If she's not doing that, frequently she's then got one or both hands on my chest and pushing me away. It's a constant battle to try to get her to stay close, and I'm frankly tired of it.

And then this week, she has bit me every. single. day. Hard enough to make me yell. I immediately unlatch her and either put her down or hand her to daddy, but it doesn't seem to help. She won't do it again that day, but sometimes the next day, CHOMP. It hurts enough that it aches the rest of the day. I find myself avoiding nursing her because I know it's coming.

Any advice? If these both keep up, I'm going to wean her and try EPing. I am just so tired of her causing me pain!
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