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Re: Biting, pulling, help!

It doesn't last forever. K was a biter (a very persistent biter that made me want to scream and cry sometimes), to the point where she bit so hard once she drew blood and that wound led to Mastitis. She didn't bite after that. Not sure if she grew out of it or finally realized that if she wanted to nurse she shouldn't do it anymore. Like you I would pull her off and put her down.

Keep a close eye on her. If she's nursing for nutrition it's physically impossible for her to bite. It may be easiest on you to only nurse her for nutrition and not for comfort, etc. until she gets over the biting phase. If you limit nursing to for nutrition only she may be more adept to get down to business when she's actually ready to nurse. I did that, to some extent, with K and it reduced the biting.
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