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Originally Posted by FernHollow
We tried it for k-2... and while we loved the idea it just did not work us. I found it tedious and did not feel it challenged my kids. Honestly I felt some of it seemed way too free spirited and slightly boring. The older grades might be better though from what I have heard. We currently use Time4learning for my 1st and 3rd graders and I am SO glad we switched. They honestly were really behind on academics with OM to the point that I almost felt that it was not fair to them. T4L has been great at helping them catch up and then excel. While I loved how pretty Oak meadow seems to be, it was too much fluff.
I've been using t4l and I feel that it's doing a great job education wise, but my daughters is already bored with it. She hates seeing the same activities over and over for each lesson. And I've had some technical difficulties. When I've called about them the last I've gotten each time has been rude. I even advised her that the phone number on one of the pages didn't work and I found the toll free number to call. She actually asked me if I dialed one first :/
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