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Dairy intolerance?

My last two nurslings had dairy sensitivities as infants (both seemed to outgrow by their first birthday and tolerate fine now), well I'm thinking little man may be following in their footsteps. He has gone from poopy diapers at each diaper change to 2-3 a day. His stools are starting to get more green and mucousy instead of yellow and seedy as they had been. He's becoming more restless when napping/sleeping and I find we are cosleeping more (not a big issue but a definite change as he was sleeping in 2ish hour segments in the pnp for part of the night and naps. He's not really fussy just restless. Seems more gassy and grunty, not grunting like he's having trouble pooping but more like he's uncomfortable. He has very dry skin, we only bath him every 3 days or so but his skin is so dry. No blood in stools, only rarely spits up but has spit up more in the last 2 days then in his 4 weeks total. All the symptoms started in the last week. Thoughts?
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