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Re: Breastfeeding other's children

Originally Posted by gina1921 View Post
Wow! My DD was 14 when DD2 was born. How cool that you have a BF to help you through the teenager years and babies too!
It is really cool to think we had our first babies days apart and our last babies weeks apart. She had her second when her first was 15 months old, My second did not come till my 1st was 11 years old, then I had DS3 when DS2 was 15 months old. So I did the same thing she did with her first with my 2nd and 3rd...LOL! Then she had her last baby in March and I had my 4th in April last year. So she did what I did between her oldest 2 and last one that I did with my first 2. It is too funny. We both have been there done it, just at different times. SHe helps me and I help her.
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