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Originally Posted by drunkenmonkeysmommy1 View Post
I would think the way she worded it would be ok then. She would be smarter to leave the part about pay pal fees left off, but she is not specifically asking for extra for pay pal fees. I look at is more like she is telling you the price and it that it covers everything except shipping. In the end it still $10 regardless, so I kind of find the rule silly (pay pals rule, ds only enforces it).
It is silly. Just because people break it down to show where the $ is going, it is against the rules?

Lately so many people lowball it seems like a good idea to show/explain the money breakdown. I have a worn once Flip cover. I will pay $1.64 to ship & .52c fees. Hardly worth it for $5.34 on a nearly new cover. I think I will keep it with a flat stuffed in the van as a "back up diaper".

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