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Originally Posted by Steph Ed
Yesterday, we did something we've been needing to do for month snow, but my DH had an appendicitis and by then we wanted to get through Christmas....switch all our bedrooms around! Now, we have a huge bedroom (we have a den and living room - we took the den as br) and each of our 3 children will have their own room. If our older 2 were younger, it wouldn't matter, but DD1 is 11 and is at the stage where she needs space, lol! and DS is 8. I am sooooooooooo excited about my new bedroom! It even has a fireplace! My dad built this house and I hope to have it in my possession as long as possible....the only thing we need now is another bathroom, which isn't super necessary. We never run into problems with waiting.

Yes, this LO was a big surprise for us!
This sounds super fun. I would love our den as a bedroom. Do you use your fireplaces?
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