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Originally Posted by You Tell 'Em
Well I asked MIL. She said she was thinking us moving into the room AFTER her brother & sister came out "unless you felt strongly about it". I mentioned the PP bleeding stuff and since we didn't know how the baby was gonna be and she said "let me think on it". Gosh do a feel like a child again I think I'm just feeling a bit let down that hubby couldn't even try to ask her, kinda like I'm alone in wanting some more space with a baby being added into the mix.

On the bright side if she does want to wait, they will only be here for a weekend (the brother who will be staying here) but nonetheless we will still most likely have a 2-3 week old by then... And with having breastfeeding/supply needing to be established it would take away a whole lot of possible stress.
I would have a hard time asking my parents. Some people just don't have that relationship with their parents. I am really close to my dad and I know he would do anything for me... But asking is always hard.
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