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Re: Looking 4 Advice on Raising Young Kids from Abusive & Severely Neglectful Backgro

I have no advice on taking in other children, I can only offer you words of encouragement about what an incredible thing you are doing. That said, all the posts I've read had assumed that all of Jon's behavior is due to his upbringing. Most of it probably is, but some might simply be the boy in him. I think you have two daughters, yes? I have three boys, and virtually all of my friends have girls. In comparison, my children are like neanderthals compared to my friend's gentle girls. Some days I feel absolutely exhausted from being a human jungle gym and referee. Correction.....most days.
We recently put my oldest (also the roughest) into wrestling. Not only is he getting some of his physical craziness out, he is learning to be part of a team, and follow instructions from his coaches. I can hear how proud he is when he says "I'm wearing my team jacket". He feels connected to and a part of a positive group. Maybe some kind of sport would help Jon with energy, focus, and team work.
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