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Re: NB fitteds coverless?

Originally Posted by MDever View Post
Can I ask why you can't use wool? I far prefer wool over anything else and frankly do not like fleece at all. My babies tend to run very hot and we live in Maryland so we have hazy, hot, and humid summer weather and the fleece was hot. With wool their bum is always cool in summer.
I have an allergy to wool. I was in denial and bought a whole stash of wool for my 2 boys. They were fine I was not. Then I got wool breast pads for me and it was a crazy skin rash that went away after I took wool away. The rash was on dd face in the hospital and on me. Once I stopped using them they went away. I think it is more an allergy to actual lanolin bc I also get a rash when I pet sheep. After I visit a farm and I pet the sheep my hand immediately swells up.

It is sad bc I love woolies so much
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