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Re: Chat Thread ~ Jan 20th - 26th

from last weeks' thread...

Originally Posted by bai18176 View Post
My Dr. wasn't super thrilled with me declining the glucose test, but decided that she would be ok with it if I did a finger prick each time, which I'm ok with. My only risk is twins, and my glucose is always super good, so I'm not worried about that. Also supposed to get 4 hours of feet up/ lie down time everyday. Thankfully I have someone who started helping us last week, and it's going well so far.
27 weeks tomorrow! Starting to get excited
Finger prick each appt you mean? I'd be okay with that, I guess. I don't really see being worried about it if you have no history of GD with your other pregnancies. It's not like it's your first or second one, kwim?

I'm 28 weeks today!!! Can't believe it!

Originally Posted by Mom2Connor View Post
I am worried about that this time. If I drink a regular coke I get a headache fast. DH said it could be a sign I'm not processing the sugar well?! I can drink coke zero fine...

Ours here is three hours if you fail the one hour. :/ ugh
Good luck Ours is a 3hr if you fail the 1hr, too.

Originally Posted by momneedssupport View Post
Im not starting to get excited. Im not....not excited, but i just know how rough it will be for all of us and i dread tge first 8w pp with newbie and add two fighting preschoolers to that.......ugh.
Im also nervous about a homebirth. Handling the pain, mostly. Buying a bigger car, too. Im not excited about that stuff.
I understand not being really excited with all that other stuff swirling around in your head. Try not to worry too much about the other kids with baby - it'll work out.
Honestly, tell yourself now that it is okay to have someone crying and need to wait - and sometimes that someone is the baby. When we had three, they were 3.5yrs, 1.5yrs, and the baby. It was tough some days. Some days there was ALWAYS someone crying. But it worked out. We made it. And, looking back, even with the hard days, it was so much fun and totally worth it! It will be okay.

Originally Posted by EmilytheStrange View Post
I'm excited about this baby, but mostly I just want to be done worrying about DD's childcare during labor. That is what I'm fixated on.

Sorry... I like my home, my bed, my groceries, my life. But everyone else seems to think that if DH is gone for even 6 weeks, I should prefer to live in someone else's house and rearrange my life to fit their schedule.
to you, too. I think part of it, too, is that it is different when it's not the first baby. With the first, that's ALL you have to look forward to - getting ready for baby, buying things, and baby coming. With the others, there's all ready a baby there (or an older kid, but really they're all always your baby!) to do things with and deal with and have to plan for. It's different, that's all. But that's okay.

I totally agree with you about that last bit - as long as you're feeling fine with things, there's no reason they should be making you feel like you should do any different. It's your choice!

Originally Posted by mibarra View Post
Me too. I'm fixated on DH finding a job!!! Not even thinking too much about baby yet except anxiety about being breech....
Still got my for you guys.

AFM: In town for now - had church and now at in-laws for lunch and visiting. DD has a "make up" skating lesson today (we've had to cancel the past 2 weeks and this Friday as well) at 5pm, so I've got to get the kids back and to the rink for that. I think DH is going to stay in town and go to a course with his mom - our pastor is also a college professor and each year he teaches one or 2 courses at the church, once a week for a couple hours, for a few months. Normally it wouldn't bother me - I'll just stay in town and have supper with FIL then take the kids home, but tonight I have to deal with the skating stuff. Ah well, I'll manage.

BIL and his wife are apparently going to try to get here sometime tonight - probably very late, so we won't be able to see them. Not sure what our plans will look like for the week with them here. I don't want the kids to miss school... but I also don't want them to miss seeing their aunt and uncle and cousins. It would be one thing if we saw them often, but we haven't seen them in over 3 years... so we'll see how things go.

And, like I said above - 28 weeks today! I honestly can't believe I'm here, with Hiccup bouncing and kicking away inside me, healthy and whole... it's just... surreal.
One year ago, today, we had our second u/s with Elliana - the last time we saw her alive. It's just absolutely amazing that we're here... from there.
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