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Re: Those of you who've used 'no-cry' sleep solution (Pantley)

Originally Posted by SaraElise View Post
With my oldest my MIL used a pacifer with him, because he NEEDED to suck to fall asleep.

My second had to be held until he fell asleep, so this is what my SIL did while I was at work.

My third had to be rocked to sleep if she was not nursing, this is what my husband did when I wasn't home.

Never was I able to lay them down in their bed and get them to sleep there until they weaned, it required some sort of other physical contact which they then weaned off of in the same way they weaned off of nursing to sleep.
I have a similar experience to this. We're not able to put our lo in her crib and have her just fall asleep... Ha ha ha...

But, if I am not around or if my husband is putting her down, some other sort of physical contact is "required". Could be rubbing her back, or rocking her, or holding her (I do these things too, sometimes, and what works has changed over time). It also helped us to identify what our goal was, i.e. did we want her to put herself to sleep (alone), or did we just want to have an hour nap to ourselves, or have my husband put her down; in which case we didn't mind helping her fall asleep.

We didn't try any of this until about 9 months. I also appreciate Pantley's book the more I looked around at other options.
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