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Re: Have you gotten rid of too much?

I have had to replace a few things I found I wanted back. The last one was our crock pot. I go in spurts. For months on end I will use it frequently enough I honestly need 2. Then I go for a year or 2 without using them at all. A few months ago I gave our crock pot to my sister. This month I found myself wanting to use them again. I had to go out and buy another one. When summer comes and we are gone most of the day I may need a second one. One on high for lunch and one on low dinner.

I never get rid of our towels because even our ratty ones wind up getting used frequently. Kids clothes I get rid of as soon as I no longer need them or have someone to pass them to. Since my sister doesn't have the storage space for yet to be grown into clothing I store them for her in our shed until needed. Once my youngest is done with them I donate them or trash them. By then they have been through 3 boys.
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