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Re: Basically it's the weekend!

Oh, that sucks Jen. Definitely need to put someone else on the account, altho I can tell ya I tell them Raj is on the account all.the.time and they keep telling me only I can make changes. Best to have the login/password so you can at least have that, KWIM?

Now I really want bread.

So I went to a cardiologist, who put me on some supplements. He wrote down what doses and preferred brands, etc. I sent DH to go get, he brings back stuff that comes close but not exact. Then I read the bottles, they say one mg amount on the front and another on the nutrition label grid. On all three bottles of different brands. WTH. Do a generic search, get no answers. Go to the web site of one brand, and it actually has a question in the FAQ's, why does the number on the front not match the number on the back on the facts panel. It says, and I swear I am not making this up, the number on the front is the size of the pill, regardless of what is in it. So seriously, you go and buy, say a bottle of fish oil or magnesium or whatever, and it says 1000mg * 180 softgels on the front, it does not mean it has 1000mg of fish oil or whatever in it. It means that it is a 1000mg pill and you must read the back to know how much of whatever you want is in it. That is messed up and totally misleading, but apparently is the industry standard.
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