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Re: July 2013 Chat: Jan. 9-20

Originally Posted by omahamama731 View Post
I hear you all on how fast this is going! When I was sicker, the days dragged but I was always surprised when a week went by. Now at 15 weeks, I'm finally doing a little better, but the next month is going to FLY!
-We close on our new house on Monday.
-We have to get our current house on the market ASAP.
-I'm hosting my friend's baby shower 2 weeks from Saturday.
-My mom's wedding is 3 weeks from Saturday.
-aaand I have 3 kids at home ages 6, 4, & almost 2 (on 1/30! so we have a birthday party coming up, too!)
whew! just thinking about it makes my head spin. at least I can drink water again without throwing up! woohoo!
I figure our u/s will be around Feb 20th. Half.way. Halfway?! no way!
Wow you are busy!!! I don't have my 20 week ultrasound till March 15. But I think I will have 2 before then so that is good. Technically half way is week ahead of that too (not going past 38 weeks).

AFM - This baby flipped forward in my pelvis. This is a good and bad thing. Now the placenta which was on top is now forward so all the wonderful kicks that I felt all the time before this, are now gone! (This is good because the baby can't grow up my back!) However I did feel kicks today in church. It was too the point that it scared me. Late DD would do this. She would have a PARTY inside me when we were at church. We leave church and she would sleep the rest of the day. I always said when she was inside me that I would end up giving her to God. Lesson learned, be careful what you wish for! So this is making me think we have a little girl inside me. I guess time will tell.

Yesterday we made our first trip to BRU to look at things needed for this kid. What I learned is nothing I want is at BRU. I think with my age I am getting more picky!
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