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Re: Have you gotten rid of too much?

I have not ever regretted getting rid of something I purged on purpose. Only stuff that got purged by accident.

When I am going to give goods to a bake sale, or have some likely event you talked about having spare mismatched dishes for, I buy a plate or container at dollar tree for that purpose.

I also keep a few towels for barf, lol. Like PP said I think it is necessary when you have three young kids. Strangely I don't have spare sheets. On the rare occasion they wet the bed or puke, chances are they are too traumatized to sleep in their bed anyway.

My kids are big into arts and crafts, do pottery, etc and we are fixing up a house. So we have clothes specifically for painting/getting messy. Just one set for everybody, and they have a special home.

As for the small kitchen appliances, here I can often buy them used for cheap, so if I currently need a second crockpot, I can get one for $10 or less. Then when I don't need it, I can donate it and not feel bad about it.

As for the sheet for cutting out eyeholes, LOL. That kind of stuff I either buy as needed at thrift stores or dollar stores if it is necessary. But we also will pull stuff out of the recycling bin to repurpose for costumes and those kinds of projects so it is usually not an issue.

That being said I have not purged down to true minimalism. I still have a lot to go. So I expect it may come up later when I get closer to my goal.
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