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Re: Tips for keeping the hospital bill down?

Such an interesting thread. I have never really thought about what the hospital charges. I also want to point out that just because the hospital charges it, it doesn't mean that is the how much the insurance ends up paying. Kind of like when you go to the Dr... a cash paying patient might have a bill for $100, an insurance company will be charged $125 for the same visit, but the insurance will only pay $60 for that visit. The rest is *written off*. It is such a screwy system and makes has very little rhyme or reason. I work as a pharm tech and it works that way in pharmacy too. If a certain pill costs $0.04 and you get 30 of them for a total of $1.20, the insurance (or self pay customer) will be charged a *usual and customary* charge. The insurance will then tell us how much they are willing to pay and what portion/copay you (the patient) will have. They don't usually match up... We do a lot of cost vs plan pay analysis. It is very, VERY confusing!
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