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Advice for baby who rejects non-mom-milk

*Babe is weaning, and I am no longer pumping at work*

I made it to a year EBF. YAY! I got the go-ahead from the pediatrician to stop pumping at work and start introducing other milks. Babe is sort of weaning anyway, nursing from only one breast, stopping after only a couple ounces on the bottle, so we're in sync I guess. But the pediatrician says he should still drink some form of milk, but he won't have more than a sip of anything else. Here's what babe has tried and rejected:

warm and cold, bottle, sippy and cup...
-goats milk
-goats milk + banana smoothy
-plain rice milk
-vanilla pediasure (he's got a fever right now and nursing but refusing solids, so I'm desperate)

My next thought was to try plain almond milk, then coconut. But I'm starting to think he's just rejecting stuff because it isn't breastmilk. Tomorrow was supposed to be my first day at work without leaving any breastmilk, and here he is with a fever and refusing solids and other milks.


P.S. The fever is why I'm super-troll on diaper swappers today. I've been lying in bed with babe for the past, oh, 16 hours now. If I try to leave or carry him anywhere he loses it.

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