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Re: Advice for baby who rejects non-mom-milk

Originally Posted by qsefthuko View Post
Indians didn't drink cows milk. They survived just fine. I am not really sure I feel 100% milk is totally needed. Although my kids do drink milk.

My daughter refused any milk at all until 100% weaned at almost 4 years of age. So far she has no health issues from being without cow's milk. I do however like my cheese so do serve a lot of it to my kids.

Perhaps if you serve cheese with snacks this will be the same as if she were drinking milk. I believe the milk is primarily for the calcium so it should be an adequate substitute.
When you say 100% weaned, how much breastmilk was she getting toward the end there? Before he got sick this weekend babe was down to only a couple nursing sessions, so maybe 10 oz of breastmilk in 24 hours. His doc agreed that cheese counts toward his milk intake. But she still wanted him to be at 16oz of milk in a 24 hour period and I'm worried that isn't happening.

Originally Posted by cpendergraff View Post
My doctor and my lactation specialist friend says that as long as babies are nursing that mama milk is all they need.

But if you want to introduce others you kit have to keep offering it to baby. Eventually your LO will take it.
I feel like we've offered goats milk at least 20 times and several ways. maybe just need to let him get really hungry?

I wouldn't care so much, but at 1 year babe was only 15 lbs 6 oz. He's healthy, but his weight stresses me out big time.

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