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Re: Blessed with Children, Struggling for More week of January 7th

Wohoo for O! Good luck!

AFM, AF is due in 5 days, pretty sure I'm not going to O. Of course that isn't a really big shock since I don't O all that often without meds. I have a pre op appt with a different surgeon than my regular OB on the 6th. Still struggling with the fact that I'm "complicated" and my OB is sending me to someone else. Oh, well. Surgery is all scheduled for March 21, so two days before spring break. That gives me all week to get back on my feet. My mom called last night and told me to start watching for a good price on a plane ticket for her. She's going to come out, and has a ride home with a friend on April 3. I asked her how early she wanted to come and she said, oh, two to three weeks..... I'm not sure we can stand each other that long. Especially with my basement all torn up, which is where her bedroom is, and the TV is (she stays up SUPER late watching movies and we all go to bed by 8). I understand she wants to come early and help get the house put back together, and I appreciate it. Sometimes though she starts going totally stir crazy because we all go to work all day and that's how we get out so when we're off we're home and it makes it so she doesn't get out much for her whole visit. Must stop panicking. It will all be ok. Besides, I know she just wants to help, and she is amazing at getting stuff done around here that I never get to. Heck, it's the only time of year my house gets deep cleaned.
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