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Originally Posted by jenn.mcc

When you say 100% weaned, how much breastmilk was she getting toward the end there? Before he got sick this weekend babe was down to only a couple nursing sessions, so maybe 10 oz of breastmilk in 24 hours. His doc agreed that cheese counts toward his milk intake. But she still wanted him to be at 16oz of milk in a 24 hour period and I'm worried that isn't happening.

I feel like we've offered goats milk at least 20 times and several ways. maybe just need to let him get really hungry?

I wouldn't care so much, but at 1 year babe was only 15 lbs 6 oz. He's healthy, but his weight stresses me out big time.
My LO is the same size

With my first I tried everything to get her to drink milk. My husband didn't drink milk and neither did I, but we listened to the ped we had at the time who insisted that she "needed cows milk." I can't tell you how many gallons we poured down the sink . She loved yogurt and cheese but milk wasn't her thing. Finally I gave up. Some people just do not like milk! She's almost 5 now and is the same way.

Now I have a 14 month old. I'm not doing her the same way. I'm going to let her nurse. I'm not going to worry myself over what milk she's drinking. I let her have sips (which she hates) of my almond milk) when she acts like she wants to try it, but I don't fix it for her in a cup. She eats whole milk yogurt and some cheese. She loves goat cheese. She's getting plenty of fats from avocados. I've also switched peds to a doctor who is more breastfeeding friendly.

Talk to some lactation specialists. Look up the number for your local LLL and give them a call. If your LO is acting like he's weaning now let it run its natural course. Offer him milk occasionally, if he takes it great! If not---oh, we'll. If you are concerned about his fat intake, there are plenty of other healthy options!
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