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Re: Tips for keeping the hospital bill down?

Originally Posted by AniMommy View Post
Check with hospital about what's included in your room charge. My bill had a per day OB room charge which included meals and all the pads, disposables, baby items etc.

I was charged for all meds, inc OTC stuff like Advil.

I agree to check bill carefully. I found out I was charged $4 for mineral oil used by mw. But what are you going to do?
If I remember rightly, my bill was pretty much all inclusive "natural birth VBAC. 2 night stay, one laboring, and one pp. it was $7500 and the insurance knocked it down after that. Might check with how the hossy does it, and what specific things are itemized and individually charged. If they're included in the room fee, there's no point in taking your own in just to save cause it may or may not. But if you want your own things anyway, more power to you
As for the blankets, they're like the hospital gowns and bedding on your bed. They dont charge you for each one brought into your room. They're usually nice and warm too.
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