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My LO usually doesn't nap unless we're in the car, which is only a few times a week. She'll doze off at home in my arms after nursing, but as soon as I put her down she usually wakes up. Even when she does sleep it's only ten to fifteen minutes 2 or three times a day. She usually sleeps good at night though. She'll go anywhere from 5-7 hrs, eat, change, eat & then back down for another 1-2 hrs sometimes 3. She will be 5 months January 30th. She's spoiled and gets held and carried a lot, but she does like big brothers exersaucer a lot. Do you think she's sleeping enough? My husband wants me to get her to sleep more because I've been behind on housework. I kind of feel like she's still little and she'll sleep more and eat less frequently during the day when she's a litter bigger.

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