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Re: Play date etiquette ??

Originally Posted by erin_c_odonnell View Post
Wow- I'm thinking now how can I back out of this . I just ... I'm not ready to drop off my 6 yr old at a strangers house. We only know them from dance and I've never even talked to the mom or kid before. I don't even let my 9 yr old go to people we know alone much my 6 yr old. There's like 3 families total in our lives I trust alone with my kids. Call it bad experiences growing up, paranoia, whatever but hmmm no. Sigh. How do I politely tell this mom all that without looking like a crazy?
BFF was easy- we both had 5 kids and we just played together lol. Hate that she moved and I know I need to let my kids make new friends but its REALLY hard with the communication barrier.
Just tell the mom you're a little concerned with your daughter going over because she's deaf and were wondering if the play date could be at your house for the first time. That way you can get to know the mom better and then you leave it open for a future play date if you feel more comfortable. Or if there's something fun you've been wanting to do, maybe you could invite the mom and daughter to come a long.
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