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Re: hands on curriculum for K/1st

My dd is the same age. She is not a big worksheet kind of gal, and b/c I've got two younger ones, by default we have kinda been more on the unschooling road so far, but it's worked well. But, I have provided her with lots of options and let her run w/ what she is mostly interested in.

for handwriting, Handwriting w/o tears is great. The pre-K has a workbook, but also lot of manipulatives like a magnetic writing board w/shapes to form the letters, cards they can make play-doh shapes on the letters, other hands on things. DD loved it, and we're going to start K soon.

phonics: and and Bob books readers
she basically taught herself to read using starfall.
also, Happy Phonics is a ton of phonics games.

math-family math or Games for math (I think) these are math games you play to teach basic concepts
board games

reading-I check out books from the library from various children's book lists like before five in a row, five in a row and ones our county recommends for PSers.

craft supplies, pattern blocks w/cards, finger paints, coloring books

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