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Re: HS Check in. Jan 14-Jan 31

Originally Posted by mevans View Post
But in Missouri you don't have to be in school until you're 7, so technically you don't have to keep records yet, right?

Speaking of, this is a question for everyone. How do you actually keep records? Do you actually break it down, 1 hour for this subject? This much for that subject? I've always felt lost by that, and feel like I'm not doing it "right" or good enough. Would anyone be willing to show me a picture?
After I hit reply, I decided I'm probably not the person who should answer this based on the backwards way I do things.

I'm in MO and I take the 1000 hours and divide it by 180 days giving me a little over 5.5 hours a day with 3.33 of that being "core" subjects. I plan a week at a time and put it on an Excel spreadsheet. Knowing that each day needs to be roughly 5.5 hours, I assign certain subjects an amount of time reasonably close to how long it actually takes. Math gets an hour, reading gets two hours (one hour for spelling, grammar and working on whatever writing project and the second hour for free reading time), science and history get 30-45 minutes each, geography and religion get 30 minutes. The girls rotate the last subjects so it's usually just one hour for both. Then the rest of the day/week is filled with our extra curriculars, home management skills, service hours, etc. Sometimes we end up with way more "core" hours b/c DD2 is in a robotics club, so at one point she was spending 6 hours/week doing just that, so then things like map drawing in geography became "art" which is non-core to even our hours out.

I think the whole thing is goofy to begin with, b/c I taught in both public and parochial school and very rarely did the kids get 5.5 hours a day of quality instructional time. It was maybe 4 hours after misc. silliness, discipline, administrative duties, snack, lunch, etc. were all taken care of. And, that is not taking into account that with hs your child is almost receiving one on one instruction-things will go faster, but I digress!

On a higher note, we will pass the 750 hour mark this next week!
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