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Re: can sellers charge fees for paypal??

Originally Posted by drunkenmonkeysmommy1 View Post
It is a technicality, but it is against the rules. She can ask for the same amount of money as in I want $10ppd(that covers her price, shipping, pp fees) or I want $8(covers price and pp fees) plus $2 for shipping, but she can not actuall say I want $7.42 for price, $2 for shipping, and .58 for pay pal fees.
If she is new, I would just explain to her due to pay pals rules she can not word it that way, but she can combine it.
I wouldn't bother letting her know. Just report it. The last time I tried saying something in a pm to the seller I received a very rude response in reply. The seller was saying buyer was responsible for insurance. As I was interested in one of the items she was selling I pm'd her(didn't want to put it in her post) to let her know so I didn't have any potential problems. She essentially told me to mind my own business.
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