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Re: Tips for keeping the hospital bill down?

With my first, she didn't latch on at all while we were there and my milk came in just before we were to be discharged. They told me they had to "teach me what to do with those things" (the big boobies...) ... so the lactation consultant came in and brought the teaching manual breastpump in the room to show me how it works... she ended up sending it home with me and since it had been previously used (and sterilized) - she got me another one that was new. I got charged $40 on my bill for each of those. I called the hospital billing back and informed them that I only got one - I wasn't about to spend $40 on a USED manual pump. The date they'd put on my bill for one of them was 2-3 days after I'd been discharged, so I just told them I wasn't even there on that date - I'm assuming when they had to restock the "training" pump, that they charged me for it... Not my problem.

Point being - you may want to either take a pump or have one available that you could have hubby get for you if you end up being there long enough and babe doesn't latch well.
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